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Resumé: Many leaders do not make it to the top as they forget to expose their skills, potential and results to those who should know. In his book, ”Personal Branding – How To Create Your Own Brand” Peter Horn explains why, how, when and what to do. Read the first two chapters of this classic business book.

Publiceret 3. oktober 2021 – Af EM – Webredaktør: Lucas Kanno Kastberg

“In the end, it is impossible not to become what others believe you are.”

Those were the wise words of Julius Caesar in Gabriel García Márquez’s book “Memoria de mis putas tristes”.

We live in a world where our abilities are so increasingly similar that our personality is what makes us stand out from the crowd. In the future, our fortunes may be influenced more by our personality than by our professional skills, particularly if we have decided on a career in leadership.

Branding is a way of assigning abstract values to a concrete product, or even a company. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Virgin and Wal-Mart did not become rich by selling mere things, but by selling desirable values. Vitality, fun, competence, or glamour sometimes become the prime ‘goods’ sold, with the actual product going along for the ride.

Make people come to your door

Personal Branding is about establishing yourself as a recognisable set of values. This is not a new concept. People in history have been doing it for thousands of years, and some are still going strong today, as a visit to any holy place will attest. Doing a good job is no longer an adequate path to success. Do only the work you can do with excellence, and then ensure the world knows about it. Like the proverbial better mousetrap, it will be your invention of a better Personal Brand that will ensure a steady flow of people to your door.

As defined in this book, personal branding is “… the public projection of your personality and your abilities in a configuration that gains for you every

possible advantage in achieving your unique career aspirations”.

Who we are as a brand and how to communicate this brand is a question that only dawns upon us hazily at first. Each reader is one of about 7 billion people, employed in one of several million organisations. Potential personal branding tasks emerge in every direction: defining how many organisations you need to be known by. Calculating how to get in touch with the right people, companies or organisations. Considering what branding activities should be done when, and identifying the people who will help you with a breakthrough in exposure, both within, and external to your organisation.

Peter Horn has written four books about personal branding – three in Danish and one in English
 (Personal Branding  book cover by Mads Kastberg)

Use the tools
The answers can be found in this book. Personal Branding contains an array of tools that can be used in bringing order to this universe of knowledge. Tools that will have you defining clearly the constellations of allies who will help bring exposure and recognition to you for the furthering of your career.

Establish yourself as a brand

Read the introduction and the first two chapters here (Sorry, out of order – get the chapters by mailing to If you want to read the full book and establish yourself as a brand, buy the book here: Personal Branding Hardback (  Mail the author if any questions or of you wish to apply for a consultation: .